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School of Marketing Mentoring Sessions

James Yerkess

James Yerkess

Founding Partner

I’m excited to host The GIANTS Mentoring session with the School of Marketing (SoM) this Wednesday!

In the business world, building a network is powerful, and everyone who hosts mentoring sessions gives their time to help as many people as possible build, grow and excel.

As a founder of a fast-growing challenger consultancy HAL Consulting that’s turned three years old, I’ve added a founder mindset to my experience of working in large global organisations and corporates. Although, I now know that my entrepreneurial skills were always there but shut down by corporate culture.

In my session this week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and listening to others share their perspectives on the following topics:

1. How to enhance the value proposition and position your business for success

2. How the Metaverse enables businesses and consumers to craft more immersive, interconnected, shared 3D experiences fueled by real-time data

3. Top tips for being an entrepreneur and how to embrace failure as part of the package

This entirely free programme supported by The Marketing SkillsTrust is designed to help inspire and empower people to take control of their careers by giving them access to over 80 industry-leading mentors from FTSE 100 and 250 companies weekly!