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Unveiling the Winning Formula

Picture of James Yerkess
James Yerkess

Founding Partner

Attracting and acquiring investment for your start-up with a seasoned practitioner who has spearheaded global brands like HSBC, Tesco, and Marks and Spencer. Also, benefit from recent hands-on experience and proven success with pioneering Web3, XR and Metaverse businesses scaling growth worldwide 

In today’s fast-paced Start-Up ecosystem, securing funding from investors is often the lifeblood that fuels innovation and growth. However, in the quest for capital, Start-Ups often overlook a critical factor that can significantly enhance their chances of success: good governance.

When competition for funding is so fierce, with data from Money Crashers showing that individual venture capital firms receive more than 1000 proposals per year, it is crucial to do everything possible to set yourself apart and give yourself an edge. Good governance is one often neglected way to get Start-Ups that exact edge, demonstrating responsibility and accountability that many burgeoning businesses lack proof of.

By truly understanding the value of good governance, you can harness it to put yourself in the best position possible to acquire funding” 

James Yerkess, Founding Partner