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We are different to other consultancies

Our approach has helped businesses improve customer service, accelerate performance and strengthen compliance standards worldwide. 

You get fresh ideas, different points of view and forward-looking perspectives

We use our proprietary framework and know-how to improve your operating models, build pricing capability, deliver customer-centric design and solve regulatory challenges. 


By fusing together the latest customer, commercial and regulatory thinking, we provide fresh thinking to accelerate competitive advantage and help you jump the curve on competitors. 



Our market-leading models and knowledge underpin our approach to every engagement and are unique in the market.

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Introducing our exclusive proprietary framework

At HAL Consulting, we understand what it takes to be successful. That’s why we built our proprietary framework modelled after K2 Mountain – the world’s second-highest mountain peak. 


Every engagement utilises our K2 framework built from our experience as practitioners across multiple sectors and sizes of companies. As a result, our methodology has improved the delivery of a customer-first culture, strengthened regulatory compliance and accelerated competitive advantage in businesses worldwide. 


With our tried-and-tested methodology, you won’t have any problems scaling whatever challenge stands in your way as you strive towards success. 

Every engagement is unique.

Our five-stage approach improves your operating models, builds pricing capability, delivers customer-centric design, and solves regulatory challenges. As a result, this approach supplies you with practitioner input you will not find in any other consultancy.



In addition, we have the experience and expertise to help your business secure the funding and partnerships you need to succeed. Our experts connect you with new business partners, explore financial services options or secure funding to accelerate growth plans.

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• Clarify business models challenges.

• Gather data and MI.

• Agree on business outcomes.

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• Complete in-depth business assessments.

• Provide SWOT assessment

• Outline recommendations.

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• Ongoing strategic input and direction.

• Improve design and delivery.

• Strengthen governance and execution.

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• Develop high-quality prototypes.

• Complete user testing.

• Validate business cases.

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• Scale prototypes to MVP.

• Test customer reaction and market feedback.

• Establish build and transformation roadmap.

You benefit from a unique group of experts

We are a team of industry experts and practitioners with insight you will not find anywhere else. We use this experience to help you jump the curve on the competition. As a result, we deliver more real-world knowledge and better value to you than larger consultancies.

You get more desirable and compliant products and services

Our unique K2 proprietary framework and assessment tools can significantly improve customer, regulatory, and commercial outcomes. As a result, we are unique in the market and provide you with a proven framework for success you will not find anywhere else.

You gain a better understanding of the latest regulatory trends and developments.

We are a team of industry experts who understand the latest regulatory trends. We use only industry experts, spanning proposition, pricing, data, analytics, technology, and operating model design. As a result, our team understands regulatory trends and developments.   

You solve problems fast and stay one step ahead of your competitors

Our approach helps you unlock opportunities and solve challenges, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. We use only industry experts, spanning proposition, pricing, data, analytics, technology, regulation and operating model design.

You connect with new business partners and funding sources

Our proven model for a start-up or scale-up business connects you with new business partners, financial services options and funding to accelerate growth plans. Our unique five-stage model strengthens new business partner and funding engagement.

You find better banking and corporate finance solutions

Our banking knowledge can help you. We are a trusted, international and independent partner that can support you in all areas of banking, debt, funding and payment processing costs. We can provide you with financial services options that will improve your bottom line.