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Expert pricing consultants

Helping accelerate growth and managing risk for general insurers

What we do

Our general insurance team specialises in the following:

  • Pricing Assessment

  • Pricing Roadmap

  • Pricing Solution Design & Delivery

  • Pricing Organisation & Capabilities

  • Commercial Model Review

Why use HAL

We are different to other consultancies

HAL is a team of industry experts and business leaders with decades of experience in general insurance. Our team has faced the same opportunities and challenges as you, and knows how to tackle them and win! Because of this, we have put together a team that spans pricing, data and analytics, technology, product, customer, brand, and regulation.

The goal is to help insurers make the important connections between these areas, enabling them to manage a multitude of business challenges.

We apply our structured methodologies to give our general insurance clients a step-by-step guide to working through pricing challenges, changing buying behaviours, new technologies, operating models, and shifting marketing dynamics. 

Some brands we have worked with… 

Our general insurance services are completed over 4 phases.

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Understand The Opportunities


We initiate meetings or workshops to identify your specific challenges and needs, then provide a detailed plan covering potential solutions, timelines, resources, and costs.

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Analyse & Develop Solution

Our team provide pricing expertise in optimisation, technical, data, systems, and culture. With a focus on commercial versus technical decision-making, this includes recommendations.

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Implementation & Resource

Supporting strategic problem-solving and tactical delivery with business teams. For example, addressing GIPP and technical model developments. 

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Create a Strategic Roadmap


Our roadmap, built collaboratively with you based on assessment findings, helps shape your forward-looking pricing strategy, emphasizing value and ease of implementation.

Meet the team behind our general insurance services

Senior practitioners with decades of experience in the general insurance pricing and proposition field


Colin Robertson

Founding Partner

Former Managing Director of Personal Lines Motor Insurance at RSA

Darren McCauley

Darren McCauley

Lead Pricing Consultant

Insurance Pricing Consultant and Chief Underwriting Officer at Flock

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