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Accelerate growth and unlock funding

100+ firms have experienced the power of our straightforward, practical approach to funding and growth, tailored to their specific needs

Our four specialist services are led by financial services practitioners

Working with ambitious entrepreneurs in well-known and emerging brands has given us exclusive insights into the key ingredients for success. Our specialist services have been crafted through real-world experience and are designed to accelerate growth and maximise success.

Our specialist services are backed by a deep knowledge of financial services and are proven to maximise growth opportunities and improve investor appeal. Book an introductory call with one of our team to discuss your needs and introduce you to HAL. 

Our services are completed over 4 phases

Our approach focuses on strengthening your investor readiness, delivering advice designed to ensure you are in the best position to unlock funding. Our hands-on implementation translates advice into tangible actions, empowering you to grow sustainably and maximise shareholder value.

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Our team delve deep into your business opportunities,  aspirations, challenges, and needs. We assess your current position, clarify opportunities, and define your desired future state; crafting a delivery plan to achieve your goals with clarity and precision

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Our experts develop solutions that optimise business strategy, go-to-market tactics, and operating models. Our hands-on approach to strategic advice removes barriers to growth, strengthens investor readiness, and unlocks funding opportunities

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Our team introduces founders to ideal investors who share their vision and can fuel their growth journey. Our approach focuses on targeted outreach to leverage our investor network, helping you to  find the right partnerships that propel your business to new heights

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Our experts translate strategic insights into tangible results, empowering you to overcome implementation challenges and realise your business goals. Our hands-on approach and deep industry expertise will steer your journey to success


Assess all aspects of your business model and growth plan to scale revenue faster and win investment

Do you want to improve your business plan and operating model to improve revenue and investment? Our practitioners will use our strategic blueprint to build actionable steps that better prioritise activity to increase revenue and win investment.


Audit your product market fit and go-to-market strategies to improve new customer growth and engagement

Do you want an effective go-to-market and pricing strategy that gets your products and services in front of the right people? Our practitioners will use their expertise to build you a plan aligning the value proposition, target market, and revenue goals. 


Secure the right investment support to grow and scale your business with guidance throughout the process

Do you want to find investment and secure the funding you need to grow and expand your business? Our practitioners will play a crucial role in sourcing and connecting you with the right investors and providing guidance throughout the process.


Supplement you existing business team with fractional management support and specialist expertise

Do you need fractional management support and expert guidance without the full-time commitment? Our services enables access to seasoned professionals who bring their expertise to specific projects or areas, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

Join the 100+ companies who have benefited from our expertise​

We are in our fourth year now, and with our expertise, ambitious entrepreneurs in well-known and emerging brands have sought us out to help them scale revenue faster and win investment. A selection of well-known and emerging brands who benefitted from our expertise is shown below.

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Experienced professionals who have run businesses, products, and functions in the UK and Internationally. Sectors include global banking,
transactional payments, regulation, AML and sanctions.


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Founding Partner


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Founding Partner

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Dean Rigby

Founding Partner


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Head of Administration